Why we Are Afraid of Death And How to Overcome This Fear

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Do not be afraid of it.  Let us fear sin, sin leads to death as the wages of sin is death.   And the true death of the soul is sin.  And I told them briefly about the death, but something to talk about doomsday

  You know … All people want to get to heaven but nobody wants to die …
  It’s human nature … Fear is part of us …

  I’m not afraid of death now . I did not met some important things in life for which I want to stay forever … that you do not want to lose them … or I wish to take with me, and to be afraid of the idea that I can not …

  It comes when you least expect it … Sooner … later … but coming!  Hurry, late … but is this! … Stay calm … A place where weary than you are now, do not think there is so much craziness.  That we can not find peace …. Not want to know, but when   good God to intervene in the decisions … … Treatment Clone “Eternal Youth” and what May invent … “all their time and they have every thing under heaven has its clock’s”

It is best to be prepared for death and know that this death is only one gate to another imaginary realm called “bad” or “hell”.

  if you are faithful not afraid of death, not to live with this thought, enjoy your day, trust yourself and your forces and not least in God, only He can help you, ask Get daily, read a  book about Mary or Jesus and you will see that everything will be good-bye good luck and health

Life is so short, when fully live young and you reach a certain age you start thinking more and more death. I think the most difficult thing would be to die and know that I love the problem remained and I can not do anything for them.  

 Death comes anyway, and you live life as you want, when you get older and live for those who love and who love you.  

I think it is good that when you die you leave everything behind as it should, you know that your family will be fine, the kids are in their homes, they have what they need, and you can die peacefully.  

 Maybe we all fear death, but after death can come something beautiful, a new life, a new beginning. The only thing that remains to do is to pray and not lose your faith

 I think it’s never too late to earn your place in Heaven if you are repentant and if you believe in Him because He is merciful and forgiving, and when we have faith in Him and in our hearts why we have not fear of death.

. We are all subject to pain; love to see someone around us, leaving our eyes to the invisible world.

  This event with perfect wisdom of God placed the human product only worry, fear and superstition that all existence has been in the terror that fatal day tomorrow or someday will die and disappear for ever. We should not be afraid of death only if we are not reconciled to heaven and God’s death —- the rest is a shift from one form to another eternal life in happiness and joy.


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