Rivers And Cities

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Even today, most of the important cities of the world are situated in river banks. Rivers supplied the people with all the basic needs such as food, water, irrigation, defense, transport etc.

                                   Let us start with the ancient Egyptian civilization in the banks of river Nile. Egypt is also known as the gift of Nile. This is the longest river in the world and has the largest river delta. The city of Alexandria is there, with history of more than 5000 years of agricultural cultivation. The only reason Egypt is wealthy and green is the river.

                                 Next comes the Mesopotamian civilization the area of the Tigris-Euphrates river system. The city of Baghdad and Babylon lies there. This is where the art of writing was born. The abundance of the fauna and flora, made this place an Elysium for the development of ancient culture and art.

                                 Indus valley civilization, the most wonderfully developed civilization existed on the banks of the river Indus. Still Harappa and Mohenjadaro excite us and make us astonish, with the way of their lifestyle.

Cities and rivers

  • Amsterdam lies in the banks of Amsel river

  • Bangkok is gifted with the river Menam

  • Berlin is in the banks of Spree

  • Cairo is in the banks of Nile

  • New York is in the banks of Hudson

  • Paris is in the banks of Seine

  • Delhi in the banks of Yamuna

  • Vienna is in the banks of Danube

  • London in the banks of Thames

  • Rome in the bank of Tiber

  • Calcutta in the banks of Hoogly

  • Tokyo in the banks of Sumida

And many more cities…

Rivers and ecology

Rivers are the holy grails for many aquatic animals including a wide variety of fishes. Many birds breed in the river banks. But the most important fact is that rivers determine the fertility of a region. They are the best landscapers of time. They are the best places to feel the kindness of Mother Nature.

Today rivers are mostly polluted by the growing population and industries. Let us join hands in saving the sanctity of our rivers.


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