Top 5 Blunders of New Bloggers

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Using Plr articles “as is” – Most bloggers in order to get quick content uses plr articles . Though there is no harm using them but using them “as is” could harm your pagerank and search enginges will mark your content as duplicatre as the same plr article may be used by some other blogs or website . So if you have to use the plr, rewrite them and make them unique by adding your twist and turn. Mostly the source of plr articles are unknown ,some plr articles may be copyrighted and was sold to you without the consent of the original author , thus using plr may land you in trouble .

Copyright Infrigment – Many bloggers in order to get content use articles from free article directories. Article directories are sites which store articles and offer publishers to use them for free. But when using articles you must give credit to the original author along with the author bio box but many bloggers donot want to include the bio box as it contain links to the author’s website. Not including the bio box may land you in big trouble and you can also get your google or yahoo publisher account banned . So if you use articles from articles directories give them proper credit.

Not knowing the niche or target audience – When you are creating a blog you must know your niche. Niche is nothing but the audience which you want to target . For ex if your blog is about “weigh lifitng” then you must study your target audience, you must know what they are seraching for , and what type of information they are looking for. You can simply do your research by finding relevant keywords and by examining the keywords you will know what your audience is looking for and once you know that the task would be easy for you. You can use google’s free keyword tool to find do your research.

Adsense Banned ! My carrer is over – Though google disbands bloggers for invalid click activity or breaking their ToS but many times innocent bloogers also get the axe. These bloggers after getting adsense account banned think that their online money making venture is over , but what they donot know is that there are many alternatives to google adsense and you can still make enough money from your blog without adsense. Some notable adsense alternatives are chitika and adbrite. Yahoo also have their ad network in form of Yahoo Publisher Network and this is as good as adsense .

Not Promoting The Blog -Creating a blog and setting up an adsense account is not enough to make money . You need to promote your blog to get traffic. Without traffic , nobody will know your blog exists and without traffic no one will click your ads , hence no income . Thus marketing or promoting your blog is most crucial part and it will determine your blog’s success. Thus promote your blog in various places like digg, stumble upon , twitter , facebook , Youtube , through email or through article directories. The bottom line is you must get quality traffic to earn money from a blog.

So i wish you success for your blog . Workhard and Goodluck !


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