Girl scouts is a great place to be

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Ever since I can remember I was a proud member of a Girl Scout troop. Tho I did not start until third grade I was still considered a Girl Scout Brownie. One of my first memory’s of Girl Scouts was standing in a circle holding hands singing a song that went like this. “Make new friends but keep the old one is sliver the other is gold” Its a great song and its very true. Girl Scouts is a great organization for girls of all ages.

Girls can join a Girl Scout troop as early as kindergarten. There are six age groups as for troops wise.

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Now why join Girl Scouts.. Hmm good question. Well its a great way to make new friends and to learn about how things work. As you work toward earning your badge you get to do fun things and get out and see new stuff. You also get to sell delicious cookies. That earns you money to go to camp and get a few gifts here and there if you sell so many cookies. There is also a magazine drive that is fun. Its a great way to learn new things so what are you waiting for get out there now and make a difference.


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