Oh Buddha! Enlighten Me

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Oh Buddha! The Enlightened!

The Light of Asia! And of the world,

What made you leave your crown?

And search for the Seed of Truth?

The crown, the pleasure and passion

Made you think instead of enjoying,

The illness, the aging and the death

Made you set out for solutions!

Were you threatened by the cashes

Between the ever growing castes

That tear and torment the continent

Where you were born to unite?

How could you part with your sweet son Rahul?

What turned you tear away

From the sexy kisses of beloved Yasodhara,

Leaving the loving people of Kabilavasthu?

Were those pricking thorns of unsolved questions

Of misery, illness and of death

Bubbling at the bottom of your heart

Pushing you all the way to search?

Why? Why? Why did you

Abandon your dear and near?

What forced you sit in yoga

Under Bhothi, the tree of knowledge?

What tortured your tender heart

To fathom into those eternal quests?

Was it your love for all humans

Or your thirst for knowledge?

Was it the selfish greed of man?

Was it the cruel caste or creed?

Or was it the Omniscient Providence

That directs every Karma of life?

Oh Buddha! The Enlightened!

Remove the darkness in my mind,

And free me from the fetters

Of selfish creed and other barriers!


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