How to save money and get a bargain on Airfare.

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Be aware of what’s going on before you buy.

Know what’s worse than sitting next to the guy who paid less than you??? Buying your ticket only to see the price drop by $300.00 2 days later!!! Do your research so you know what the average price is to your destination. That way you’ll know the hot deal the minute you spot it.
Web sites like can help with your search and guide you with their forecast of fare trends.

Know when to travel for the best bargains.

That old adage, “Timing is Everything” could not be more true. Want to go to Europe in July?? Well, so does everyone else. Prices to Europe drop significantly in Oct. and Nov. yet the weather is still wonderful and there’s not a million other people trying to see the same sites you are. After you’ve chosen your destination, find out when high season is and look for fares in the shoulder season – the 1-2 month period before and after high season.
Midweek travel is a best bet for better fares. Most of the cheapest air fares require traveling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You may also be able to find cheap fares for travel on Thursdays or Saturdays, as well. Mondays and Fridays will be the most expensive, on average, due to business travelers and weekend vacationers on those days
Even flight times can make a big difference in price. If you can sleep on a plane- those dreaded red-eye flights can be a big money-saver. And those 530-6am flights that nobody want to take are usually less crowded than later flights- which means there is more discounted space available. It also cuts down on your chance of delay. Those planes have usually been sitting there all night and are ready to take off in the morning. But as the day progresses flights get delayed and it can become a domino effect making each succeeding flight late.

If you’re lost- consult an expert.

If you’re looking to go from LAX-LAS just go online and book on But on longer trips or multi-leg flights, you can see better savings and better flight schedule by using a travel agent. This is what travel agents deal with every day so they can save you time researching as well as find lower fares on longer trips. Travel agents have access to consolidator air fares that can save you hundreds on coach tickets, thousands on business/first class. Consolidators are the Wal-mart of air tickets!

Be flexible!!

Sometimes a 1 day difference in travel date can save you a bundle. If you can, be flexible on your travel dates.
Check out alternate airports as well. Fares can be hundreds less into Newark VS La Guardia, or Chicago’s Midway VS O’hare.

**Utilize the airlines frequent flyer program. Try to stick with one or two frequent flyer accounts. This allows you to build up miles and status quicker. Airlines waive baggage fees and provide extras for premium flyers.

**Don’t go overboard trying to save money. Unless you’re a hardy traveler- stick with shoulder season. Low season is generally low season for a reason. Weather may be terrible and popular attractions may be closed. Don’t stray too far from high season when planning your trip.


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