Tips For Buying Running Shorts

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Running shorts should be light, baggy and airy. A lot of runners tearfully neglect getting proper shorts and suffer bad chafing and sweating around the groin and thigh areas. Also, they might get shorts that go down to their kneecaps. Avoid getting shorts like that, even with the other half of your legs free in the air, they can still be like sweat pants. As the name implies, you sweat, but way too much for many runs. You want to minimize extreme overheating. On runs, you want your running shorts as short as possible. Some beginning runners might also wear cutoffs, like denim. Heavy, dense material like that is just going to hinder your running.

Also, avoid buying shorts that are pitch black. Do you remember those experiments we did as a kid when we took a magnifying glass, focusing the sun through the lens on materials we wanted to burn, the darker colors absorbing the radiation far more. Running in hot days in pitch black shorts and you’ll feel your skin burn after awhile. I usually wear blue or green when I run. Use your own tastes in deciding colors. Most of the other colors are much better at absorbing solar radiation. Pitch-black is just going to contribute to your overall heating when you run.

Light, baggy and airy shorts are definitely the best. Make sure they have a good tying string that’s long enough to properly secure your shorts to your body, without being too long or too short. If not, buy a proper string and restring them. Running shorts are an important acessory to your run. Scrutinize them well beforehand. But when running in the wiinter, longer, denser shorts can be an absolute necessity when exposing your muscled legs running through those frozen environs. Even track pants may be necessary for those who love to run during the cold winter days.

But remember, you still overheat. so don’t run in materials too heavy, unless it’s bitterly cold out. Then you better wear gloves and a touque. But during more mild temperatures, shorts can help keep a runner’s body cooler, allowing them to run much further. As a distance runner of many years, I quickly shed the sweat pants and long, heavy shorts for much lighter garb. It was those lighter clothes that helped propel me to much further distances than I could ever imagine. Also, runners should also consider that logic when buying running shirts. Long sleeved shirts should be equated to wearing track pants, and the similiar thinking should be applied to them. During warmer days, I would often wear tank tops.


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