Money Saving Ideas Part 2

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Live Within Your Meals

What do we mean by this? When you say live within your meals, you need to forecast your expenses properly. You shouldn’t spend more than what you earn. There are a lot people who are guilty of this. They would apply for a credit card and overspend. Credit cards are so tempting. Now, you go to a mall; you see that shiny black 32gig iphone, will you not be tempted? I bet you would. Because you have your credit card handy with you, you now decide to swipe that card. In an instant, you have a brand new 32gig iphone.

It’s end of the month now; billing statement came. It’s payback time. Check your wallet; do you still have enough money to pay your overspendings? If you lived within your meals, even if you purchased that 32gig iphone, then there’s no problem there because you can pay it. However, if you did otherwise, you now have a big problem.

Your Lifestyle Counts!

I have a strong feeling that my husband used to be a guru of thriftiness in her previous life. He is so meticulous when it comes to energy-saving practices at home. He would often say, “turn off the lights when they’re not in use.” He would suggest not to use our A/C if the temperature is tolerable. I adore him for being very particular about the little savings we can make out of these energy-saving practices.

You can do this too. If you need to iron your clothes, try to do the ironing all at once. Set a day where you will have to iron all the clothes need to be pressed.

Think of things you do at home that entail expenses; see if you can let go of them, or perhaps limit the frequency of its usage.

Following these two practical tips on how to manage your income will definitely make a difference in your finances. You will learn how to live a more practical lifestyle.


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