Money Saving Ideas Part 1

I may not be the richest person in the world to borrow your time and read through my words of advice, but I do know that these advices I am about to share are tested and proven strategies that will help you manage your income wisely.

Savings is always first on the list

For most people, when they do their budgeting, savings is always last on the list. What’s left will be considered as savings. Although you have thought of savings (which is a good thing), this kind of strategy is in fact not very effective.
Rather, it is advised that you allot savings as the priority on your list and then live according to what’s left on your budget. Treat savings as if this is an important bill that you have to pay; that, if you miss it, there will be a negative impact in your everyday living. Treat savings as if it’s like your water bill; that if you are not able to pay for it and your line gets cut, your life is at stake.

Why Dine Out If You Can Dine In

Preparing your own food has so many advantages.  Aside from the nutritional significance it can offer you, the savings you can generate is just amazing.   This is a habit that my husband and are doing for how many years now.  We would go to the grocery and shop for our household needs good for two weeks, just enough before the next payday comes.  Then, we would cook our meals at home.  We make it a habit that these are meals with abundant nutritional value.  

Furthermore, we will not cook another meal if the previously cooked ones are not yet consumed.  Thus, at times, we eat same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In some occasions, we would cook two different viands and alternate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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