How to Develop a Running Habit

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So you want to develop a running habit. First of all, you must have a strong desire to get into running. You can’t develop a running habit if you hate running. Many beginning runners have many preconceived notions about running, such as: if you run too hard you can get a heart attack, running on concrete will give you injuries, etc. To develop a running habit, you must eliminate your preconceived notions-or this very healthy habit will be delayed. I mean once you’re into running, it’s no problem. But getting there is hard.

To properly develop this habit, you must not start your running habit by blitzing across your running paths like a Panzer tank. Don’t do anything to discourage yourself or you’ll never get into this running habit. Negative psychology can be very detrimental. Injuring yourself is going to be very discouraging, especially if you’re just starting something too. Don’t drink raw eggs like you’ve seen some health guru too. Salmonella could be very discouraging.

Start developing your running habit by gradually increasing the amount of times you run. As your strength and physical prowess start to develop, you’ll get lots of positive reinforcement which will turn your running into a running habit. Feel good about it and you’ll want to come back to running every time. Proper running can generate a state of euphoria, which will make you want to come back every time.


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