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At first glance, many say they want is a way of HTC mating interface with a sense of Nexus-first, and in many ways they are right, but, despite its similarity to ‘superphone Google “, he also has many differences. Many people spend a desire to here in the UK as Vodafone Nexus One only now just beginning to appear, so be sure to be a winner with consumers.
Hardware Features

So, we all know about Google Nexus One of them, and you will see many of the features of his desire. HTC saved 480 × 800 AMOLED display, offering the best display I have seen on a mobile device, despite its limited usability in direct sunlight. And only when I compared identical images on HTC Desire and Apple iPhone 3GS, that you could tell how bright and colorful AMOLED screen can represent them in comparison with the dull, washed out colors on the screen iPhone. Furthermore, in addition to that, because the screen has a desire higher resolution than iPhone, it looks much sharper and the text is much better to read, in fact, if you then go back to the iPhone display, it looks positively smeared, and not pleasant, that for this work.

When testing this new phone HTC, I took the SIM-card from my iPhone 3GS and used it in the HTC desire and once APN settings for the O2 network has been updated in the relevant section (if someone wants to know where to do it changes, it can Беспроводные и сети -> Мобильные сети -> Точка доступа названий), я имел мобильной работы в Интернет.”>be found by following the path of the menu …. Settings -> Wireless Network -> Mobile Network -> Access point name), I had the mobility to the Internet. The only thing I can say about using the same mobile network in these different devices is that my signal reception using HTC desire improved significantly, and no signal drops out completely to the point where you can not use the mobile networks in all – in contrast from mine to use as the iPhone 3G and 3GS, when these devices will accidentally delete all the network signal and display the infamous “No Service” notification in the upper left corner of the screen.

You’ll also notice, 5MP camera with flash on the rear panel. A notable contrast to the N1, however, is to replace the trackball with an optical trackpad on the front of the phone. This may take some getting used to, if you use a trackball, you do not get as much tactile feedback when scrolling through menus or use it for games.

Design wise, it looks great and more subtle than that found on the trackball Nexus One. HTC also chosen for a number of physical buttons on the sides of the touch pad in favor of touch them. This move, I was glad to see, as I sometimes find myself accidentally activating the touch buttons on the N1, particularly when using the keyboard for input.

As well as obvious differences in the hardware, some more subtle changes have been, including exclusion from the second microphone to the back of the phone, which means: the lack of noise cancellation! It’s not a big deal – you rarely find a phone sporting such a possibility, and it reduced the cost of the device, too, that makes the phone more accessible to more people. You’ll also notice that there are no evidentiary connection pins on the bottom of the phone either.

This mobile phone looks great, and HTC did a great job in the process of development, but that the driving force behind this deal? You’ll be glad to know that at Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor made its way to the heart of desire, and coupled with 576MB RAM, you’ll see a definite increase in performance compared with other phones HTC.

HTC-desire-iphone-3gs-side-by-side comparison


Probably the most important factor is the desire Sense UI, user interface HTC for the Android. Already well liked in the community of Android, a sense of interface comes with some neat new tricks in 2010, which not only looks but also desires to improve the functionality, too.

One of these improvements is a “jump”, very Avenue Esk function, which allows a pinch inside of any home screen to see all the home screens and their content. It can be a little awkward at first, until you get used to the Multi-Touch movements on the screen, but once you have the hang of it you will never have to see all your screens at home to find what you look again!

Another new addition to the meaning of the widget to a friend stream, “which collects all your social networking information to it easier for you to access, but using this I found this to be a great feature, and certainly works well to meet the needs of many people, but I eventually returned to the use of specific “Facebook for Android, and Twitter (Twidroid Pro) applications, simply because they have more opportunities and better work for me, as someone uses a lot of them.

One of the great things about the Android mobile platform is its Android Market for applications, the only real competitor to Apple’s App Store, but much more open, not forcing developers simply through so many hoops to have their applications in order to allow users to grow rapidly and with so many great applications are added all the time – I can only see it getting better as more people get one of the many options Android handset on what will be on the market in 2010. In addition, buying applications performed very simply, if, like me, you have a Google Checkout account is created, it does pay for the paid applications, it is very simple as the App Store.

Another addition is also worth having a replacement for a devilishly bad player Google. HTC to try to fix this results in a neat music player that lets you view and listen to your music collection without any disappointment – just sit back and relax!

A software feature that I particularly liked the HTC Sync software that made the transfer my contacts on my HTC Windows desire a very simple process. In addition, within the sense of HTC / HTC Sync software, when you connect your phone via USB to a computer, it offers various ways to connect;

* HTC Sync – synchronization of contacts and calendar with your PC.

* Only Acting – just charging the phone via USB.
* Disk Drive – allows you to use your phone as a data storage device and transfer files.
* Internet Sharing – This feature allows you to use your HTC desire to tie it to a PC / laptop and the share of mobile Internet, being able to make it so easy a real bonus, it is one of the main reasons why I like Android phone through the iPhone, and means that I do not even need to look at our How to tether manual Android phone and download individual applications.

Finally, if you use your mobile phone for web browsing on the go, you’ll love this latest: 10,1 Flash (do not tell Steve, he’s our secret!), Which allows you to have as close to “full web experience” as you can on your smartphone. This means that most sites operate as they would on the Internet, for example, thought that such a novel opportunity to watch the video, a built-in news article BBC, but it definitely adds more experience.

All things considered, HTC Desire is a great competitor to the iPhone this year, a solid, well built phone that feels good in your hands, has a great set of specifications to compete with the iPhone, and even makes some of the things that iPhone does Leather case, such as Google Maps satellite-based navigation app, and the aforementioned joint Internet.

While I’m sure that Apple is something they have in store for the iPhone 4G at WWDC in a few months. If you are looking for a new smartphone, HTC desire just muscled its way into your wish list, providing perhaps the best experience Android by almost all major carriers in the UK, Android mobile platform has come a long way in a relatively short period of time after the T-Mobile G1 was released.

It will be interesting to see how widespread and popular this phone is, it is not only possible to buy HTC desire to sim-free (and then put on a variety of free sim card PAYG or existing contract sim in it), but you can also get it on contract deal for almost every UK mobile network.


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