How to Detect Depression

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One common sign of depression is withdrawal from friends and family. Depressed people usually fixate or center themselves on intense negativity (depending on the severity of their depression), and tend to gravitate away from friends and family (who may have far more of a positive attitude). Or else, being family and friends, they may be able to see the depression. Clinical, or non-clinical depression, can eventually lead to the entertainment of sucidal thoughts.

To a depressed person, withdrawal can be a necessity until the depression is resolved (one way or another). The mind has to process enormous amounts of information relating to what caused the depression, in a bid to either resolve it (or not). Sometimes there is no resolution as the depressed human mind crashes like a computer-where the individual can be hospitalized, or is seriously contemplating suicide…or has already done it.

Withdrawal is the most common sign of depression. Usually it is into very private areas with no TV, Internet, cell-phones and people, or into food, smoking, alcohol or drugs. Symptoms of depression can include irritability, fits of rage, loss of appetite, spontaneous crying, excessive sleeping or lack of sleep. Depressed individual’s normal day to day cycles can be severely affected, compounding their existing state of mind manifold. The body starts to be affected by the depression-as ther mind-body are symbiotically linked. The physical effects of prolonged or frequent depression can include frequent and more intense colds and the flu, hypertension, headaches, migraines, ulcers, high blood pressure, etc.

Another sign of depression is poor work performance, as the depressed individual has difficulty dealing with normal day-to-day cycles. Excessive anger directed at co-workers, family and friends can also be a sign of depression. Anger that can’t be vented is a sign of depression-remember suicide is anger vented inwards. Even excessive tardiness or not showing up at work for extended periods can be a sign of depression, as the person withdrawals from the human collective.

Substance abuse, gambling, sex addiction and other compulsive, addictive behavior can definitely be a sign of depression. Lack of self-worth and self-esteem can be another symptom of depression. But it’s okay to be depressed once in awhile…you may lose a job…a boyfriend/girlfriend…whateve r. Life can be brutally hard on us all, right. If you can’t dust yourself off and go on, you may need additional help. However, in most cases you don’t…or shouldn’t. Just watch yourself closely if your depression becomes excessive or prolonged, affecting your life and relationships, then you may need additional help.


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