Crazy Things You Can Do For Love

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Abby Toll is a 21-year-old from Boulder Colorado. She was sentenced thirty days in jail for taping her boyfriend’s dog on a refrigerator. According to Abby she only did this to get more attention from her boyfriend who spent more time with his dog than her. What do you think will happen to these lovers? Will they still be together after the said incident?

Another crazy thing one can do is end their lives. This is for me is the craziest and most immature thing one can do for love. You will hear stories from failed suicide attempts narrating their reasons why they wanted to commit suicide. Many would say, “I would like to show her/him how much I love him.” What a dummy, right? What if the suicide attempt was successful? Was there an opportunity for this person to reciprocate your love for him? You, the person who took your own life-will there be a chance for you to know how he truly feels for you? Not anymore!

Another crazy thing you can do for love is to sacrifice the credibility of your own name just to be with that one person you love. This is a story that happened to one of my friends. Her boyfriend lived in the States- his papers there were not legal. He overstayed in the United States with just a tourist visa on hand. They had a consistent long distance relationship; communication was constant- thanks to the internet. My friend had several attempts to get a tourist visa to enter the United States, finally she got one. She successfully got that tourist visa she was aiming for. We asked what her plan was, and she gladly answered to follow the path of her boyfriend, overstay and just hide from the authorities. Crazy isn’t it?

Many say love makes the world go round. Others say love is blind. For some it can make them crazy things. Regardless of our background, age and culture, love definitely makes a difference in our lives. Thus, we can do crazy things for love.

What about you? What’s the most bizarre thing you ever did or can do for love?


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