A Leaf Craft For All To Do!

One of my previous articles discussed a fun arts and crafts activity using leaves. But the fun does not have to end with one craft. Here is another fun leaf craft for you and your little one to take part in!

With this fun leaf craft, you can create decorations, homemade cards, collages, posters, scenes, and more. In addition, this can also come in handy for passing the time and curing boredom!

Note: With going out to collect the leaves, and with the use of scissors and glue, parents or guardians should be sure help their children with this leaf craft activity. Besides, it’s more fun to do an arts and crafts project such as this one together!

Here are the materials and directions for this fun leaf craft!


1. Leaves (they can be any color, shape, etc).

2. Construction paper or printing paper (they can be any color, but if you or your child plans to color or write on it as well, then you may want to get something that a crayon or colored pencil will be visible on).

3. Crayons, colored pencils, markers, or a regular pencil.

4. Glue. Glue Sticks or Paste may work as well.

5. Scissors . Preferably safety Scissors for children. Cutting in this activity is optional.


1. Collect some leaves from outside (be sure to stay in a safe and familiar area. The backyard is the best place if possible). You may collect as many leaves as you would like. For safety reasons, it’s always best that a parent or guardian accompany a child to collect leaves.

2. Take the leaves back inside to the area you plan to work in. Lay out the construction paper needed for this craft.

3. Glue or paste your leaves onto the construction paper. They can be glued in any shape, design, or pattern that you want. If you or your child want to, you two can draw or write around the leaves (or on the paper before gluing them) as well.

4. If the glue is not dry by the time you are done with the craft, then put the paper in a safe place so the glue can dry.

Repeat any of the steps as needed.

Note: since you were outside collecting leaves and using glue, it’s always best to wash your hands when you come back inside and when you are done with the craft.

There you go, a fun leaf activity that can let you go outside for a little while, use your creativity, and have fun! This craft can be done in a various designs. One way could by gluing the leaves on in the shapes of letters, spelling out a name or other words! They can also be in a collage or group of leaves, all categorized by size, shape, and color. They can even glue some at the bottom of the paper to act as the ground, while drawing a scene above it. The possibilities for this fun leaf craft are almost endless! When you are done, they can be given as gifts, used as decorations, or even hung on the refrigerator! Use your imagination and have a great time!
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