The Best Campsites in California

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California has such a wide variety of Camp sites to choose from, the options are as varied as they are limitless.  Here are some of the top spots.  All of these are within a day’s drive of one another as well, how crazy.

Big Sur- A rural and coastal atmosphere that is pleasing to the eyes and to a rustic camper.  Watch out for poison oak because it’s everywhere, the fishing is quite nice and the price is affordable if you’d like to stay for a few weeks.  Dress for damp weather in the spring and fall and expect sunshine in the summer. If you want a nice Northern Beach with privacy, look no further.

Redwood National State Park- No other place like it to camp in the state, enjoy an atmosphere with 3000-year-old Redwood trees that literally are taller than you can see.  Expect a shock and a life experience as you drive your full sized SUV directly through a living Redwood on a two-lane street, truly amazing and one-of-a-kind.  You will never feel smaller when camping in the forest

Jackson Meadows, North Shore Lake Tahoe-completely rustic atmosphere coupled with a private river and multiple streams for fishing trout.  And on the other side a beautiful lake for boating or for relaxation.  Located near the North side of Lake Tahoe, this site is for the rustic camper who wants to get away.

South Shore Beach, South Shore Lake Tahoe-in polar opposite to Jackson Meadows a camper was looking for a bit of relief can set up on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe near Tahoe city.  A very impressive beach side property coupled with the lively night environment because it is almost directly on the border of Nevada and California.  Feel free to spend the night at a casino buffet and do some light gambling before returning to your tent or RV.

El Capitan, Santa Barbara-a very reclusive beachside campsite located just outside of Santa Barbara California, there is no other area that couples the beach community lifestyle with the option to travel into the beautiful city to gather supplies and maybe some quick tourism.

Yosemite National Park-Without a doubt the most naturally beautiful place in California, Yosemite Valley boasts multiple waterfalls and amazing hikes, a seasoned camper could literally spend a month here exploring.  Follow in the footsteps of John Muir the Explorer and spend countless hours hiking this protected natural environment.  Expect snow in the winter.

Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert-located on North side of the Mojave Desert in California, expect extreme tmeperature shifts, you’re in the desert after all.  The beautiful scenery is unmatched and is often put on a pedestal within screen savers and desktop’s without the owner’s knowledge that this is an actual campsite.  As the name suggests expect desert scenery and beautiful natural red rock architecture.  Don’t expect much in the ways of amenities or options for supplies, again, you’re in the desert.


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