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How to make money online. There are countless articles out here in cyberspace proclaiming that you can get rich by publishing on blogs, forums, and the like. Is it really that easy? I will do a little investigating myself. This is my first venture writing online in hopes of earning money.

Everyone wants a residual or passive income. How could you not? I mean traditionally, we work, and get paid each time, be it hourly or salary, you do not get paid twice, three times, or more for the one time of working. It seems fair and reasonable, but who would complain if they were to get paid over and over again for that same one time effort?

My long term plan is to write about some personal family experiences that we’ve had. But before I share those here, I need to feel that this is the right place. We’ve been told over and over by so many people “You need to write a book!” Well, this isn’t a book, but to me, writing is writing, and what better place to start and get exposure than on the world wide web?

I’m hopefull that someone will read my rantings and offer some encouragement and convince me that this indeed is the place to share my stories. Everyone has a story, but you certainly don’t want to put it out there if it will not be appreciated by someone. I mean, who is going to write it on the bathroom wall? Maybe some hooligans, thugs or children will use that forum, but who is going to really take note in there? I’m not saying that I’ve never found a good laugh on a toilet stall wall, but come on, that’s not publishing!

So please, anyone out there reading this, I’d appreciate some feedback. Have you been doing this long? Is there the potential to make an honest living here? Better yet, are you making a living here? If so, how did you get started, and where else do you publish for income?

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