Romeo And Juliet of Sleepy Hollow

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The legendary village of Sleepy Hollow, holds many ghost story’s, some you may have heard of, the famous headless horseman for instance, but the one I like to call Romeo and Juliet of sleepy hollow is a tragic tale, of true love, death and ends with reported sightings of a woman in white, for many years to come.

In the village of Sleepy Hollow, lived a newly married couple they had saved enough money to finely get married after already being together for nearly nine years. The couple were so much in love they were never seen apart and when they were seen they were always arm in arm, holding each other tight, and every now and then they would stop for a kiss or two. The people in the village would stop and smile, passing comment to their friends, that they were so much in love, also true love was spoken about the couple, and that the only way this couple would ever be parted would be through death. Unbeknown to the people in the village their words were going to become marked words.

The only time the couple were apart was when, Romeo went to work at Sleepy Hollow cemetery, working the graveyard shift. Romeo would leave at twelve midnight and return at eight in the morning like clock work. On a cold winters day, Romeo did not return. Juliet was becoming more and more worried as the clock ticked, he had never been this late before. The snow began to fall at a alarming rate, and Juliet could stand no more, rapping up as best she could she headed out into the unforgiving storm.

Keeping up right was hard as Juliet slipped and slid towards the cemetery, stopping now and then to clear the freezing snow from her scarf. It was only when Juliet reached the cemetery gates she began to call out for Romeo, on she went calling as she climbed over sliding ground. A few head stones were led flat on the ground, sticking up but covered in snow, Juliet’s had no knowledge they were there until she fell over them. Walking on Juliet stumbled once again, this time a feeling that took Juliet by surprise, was because what she had stumbled over felt soft not hard like a fallen head stone.

Still on her knees Juliet brushed the fallen snow of the large snow covered mound, to reveal her Romeo. The sight struck like a knife right in the centre of Juliet’s heart, a sob raised from her chest, her hands worked quickly to remove more snow. Juliet thought she could see Romeo’s chest moving her cries were sobs of heartbreak her tears turning to ice on her already numb face, her hands had become numb a long time ago. The only thoughts were to keep Romeo warm, to keep him alive, if she left him now he would surly die. Juliet flung herself on top of Romeo’s body, all the while she called his name, asking not to leave her, screaming she loved him truly loved him.

Sometime had passed Juliet’s cries were no more, Romeo had not moved since Juliet had covered him with her body. The couple were soon discovered, both frozen to death and in each other’s arms.

The village people were saddened of what had happened, but when Juliet’s voice was heard calling her Romeo, in the dead of night, they knew her sorrow and her ghost would never rest. Some of the villagers followed the voice and they saw the ghost of Juliet in the cemetery, laying on the ground, then slowly disappearing, with only the word’s Romeo drifting in the wind.


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