Ghost Stories

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First I would like to start with a story that is close to were I live in Lancashire. A town called Accrington.

Ghost in the painting.

there is a stunning building known as spring hill house. The owners of this house loved every inch of it, and wanted to ask the local artist to paint a picture in oils of the house. The artist was happy to do this for them and set to work. The end result was spectacular. It took no time at all to find pried and place for the painting, the whole family agreed to mount the painting on the dinning room wall.

After many people came to admire this painting a lot started to make comments about something in one of the windows, but when they got up close there was nothing there. The only way people could make out anything in the window of the painting of the house was to stand a short distance back.

More and more people calmed to see this and described it as a figure in a Gray raincoat.

Things seemed to happen all at once in the house all the family members at different times experienced a strange visitor standing at the bottom of there beds once the ghost was spotted it simply vanished and they all described it as an old man in a Gray raincoat.

The whole family was in the dinning room one morning, the owners daughter was looking at the painting and started to shout that’s him that’s him. They all went towards the painting he was there in the top window and before any one could say any thing he vanished and no one ever encounters him again not even seeing him in the painting, he simply vanished. To this day no one know who he was or why he came then went. The painting still hangs to day in the same place in the dinning hall.

The white lady.

Samlesbury hall near Preston in Lancashire, holds the tragic love story of the white lady, she is said to be looking for her lost love. The story begins with a family conflict, between Catholics and protestants. A forbidden love affair. The two lovers meet in secret from the family’s eyes, after one of there meetings they both decided to elope, they planed everything so carefully. On the night chosen, his lovers brother some how had found out and found him with his accomplices, a fight broke out and his lovers brother run a sword through all three of them killing them outright.

Both family’s had now found out about the affair and sent the young woman away to a convent, were she when insane and soon died. The white lady was born. Soon after this reports of ghostly goings on became more frequent, she has been seen wandering round the halls of the house in the dead of night.

The place were they would meet was on a road that leads up to the house, many people have claimed to see a figure standing on the side of the road, when they drive past she has said to have a tear washed face, then fades away into the night.

Many people that have seen her describe her as very beautiful and dressed in a long white dress with an over coat held in her arms. The white lady is bound to wait and search for her lover forever so it seems. The sightings continue to this day.


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