Get Your Article on The First Page of a Google Search by Being Original

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If you are writing articles about subjects that have a lot of competition, (like the first page of a Google search), it’s not surprising that you are not getting a lot of hits.

You will have a very hard time getting your article on the first page of a Google search, and this is obviously the best way to get traffic on your article.

Try being more specific in your title, for example, instead of writing an article titled: Writing articles online, try and come up with a more specific title like, how to make more money writing articles online.

This is a little better, but it still probably won’t get you on the first page of a Google search, because you are competing against a lot of article writers for the first page of results.

A smarter title for the same article would be something like: Write articles to make extra money from home. Of course, you still have the same problem, of competing against all the other article writers.

Try writing about something specific like your hometown. If you write about a business, or local landmark, you won’t have so much competition from writers around the world, and you will still get quite a few people searching Google for your title, and should end up on the first page, if you know a bit about SEO.

Try to think of what people will be searching for, and meet their needs. You must always remember the basics of putting your keywords in every paragraph of your article, as about 5% of the text for each keyword, and remember to make links to it, to gain link weight, from link text in other articles, and from sites like Twitter, Facebook and WordPress, etc.

Google will favor local articles over foreign articles in a search, but only a little, the majority of the Google search algorithms are designed to give relevancy and quality to their customers on the first page of a Google search.

You need to write a long, keyword filled article, with a specific, searchable title, and the better it answers people’s questions, the more valuable it is, and therefore more likely to get organic links.

Try writing articles that might answer the questions you have in your everyday life. For example, I was playing a video game the other day, and couldn’t get past a level, so I typed it into Google, and there it was, the answer to my question.

You might not feel like enough of an expert to write articles about video games, but you could, if you did a little research, and concentrated on being specific to one aspect of the game, and packing your long article with keywords related to one level etc.

You could write articles about a popular fictional character, or movie actor, or anything you like, but you must focus on one particular aspect of their lives that someone would be interested in, and type into a Google search somewhere around the world.

Being original is the only real way to get on the first page of a Google search, but you can compete if your site has a good page rank, like Bukisa.

You are much better off to come up on the first page of a Google search for a subject that gets a thousand searches a year, than the tenth page of a subject that gets millions of searches a year.

You are doing the important job of answering the questions that people ask all over the world, so do your homework, and make sure you know a bit about what you are talking about.

I have done my homework on article writing, and getting on the first page of a Google search, my article: What are the most Googled words of all time? is number one of the first page in a Google search for that title, and it comes up on the first page in other related searches as well.

So far that has been the article that has received the most traffic, and that is why I continue to write about Google, Google searches, and article writing. For more information on improving the traffic to your articles, and how to write articles with Google in mind, take a look at my facebook page: Writing for profit.

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The real money in article writing is to get referrals who increase your residual income passively. Once you have a hundred referrals who are actively writing articles, and seeking their own referrals, you will no longer need to worry about getting your article on the first page of a Google search.




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