A Vindication of The Presbyterial Government And Ministry

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Welcome to the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “A Vindication of the Presbyterial Government and Ministry” (1650, London edition) by Sundry Ministers of London

Twelve major sections are contained in this book:

1. That there is a Church-Government by Divine Right

2. That the Magistrate is not the Fountain of Church-Government

3. That the Presbyterial-Government is by Divine Right

4. The Inconveniencies of the Congregational Way

5. That the Ruling Elder is by Divine Right

6. That it is the will of Jesus Christ that all sorts of persons should give an account of their Faith to the Minister and Elders before admission to the Lord’s Supper; together with Answers to the usual Objections made against it

7. Directions to the Elders for the right managing of their Office

8. Directions to such as are admitted to the Lord’s Supper, for the right sanctifying of God’s Name in that Ordinance & for their carriage one toward another

9. Rules to preserve People from the Errors of these Times

10. That Separation from our Churches is justly charged with Schism

11. Than Ministers formerly ordained by Bishops need no new Ordination

12. The necessity and usefulness of Catechizing

This was the second of three major works published by these famous London divines — the title page noting that this book was “Published By the Ministers and Elders met together in a Provincial Assembly, Novemb. 2d, 1649.”

The first of their works was “The Divine Right of Church Government (Jus Divinum Regiminis Ecclesiastici), Wherein it is Proved that the Presbyterian Government, By Preaching and Ruling Elders, in Sessional, Presbyterial, and Synodical Assemblies, May Lay the Only Lawful Claim to a Divine Right, According to the Holy Scriptures” (c. 1646, 1844 ed.) the third being “The Divine Right of the Gospel Ministry (Jus Divinum Ministerii Evangelici)” (1654). Great insights into the thinking of the English Covenanters (some who served at the Westminster Assembly) are to be had here.

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