Tips For Buying a Gym Membership as a Gift

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A gym membership can be a great thing to give, especially in an era where society is more attuned to being healthy, through fitness and better diet . But make sure the recipient of your gift really wants one (and will work out there). Don’t buy one for a relative or friend who is overweight…big no-no. They may feel very self-conscious already about their appearance. Love them for who they are, don’t try and change them. If you do, somebody may end up trying to change you…and you wouldn’t like that. Don’t buy it out of a feeling of superiority, complacency, arrogance, etc. Buy a gym membership out of love and respect for somebody who will really use it and cherish it, like the aspiring, weekend or seasoned athletes in your inner-circle, or those social butterflies who love who love to talk, socialize and fraternize.

If you are buying it for a friend or family member, maybe you should get one for yourself and accompany them. When you buy any gym membership as a gift, always read the fine print of the accompanying contact, whether oral and/or written. Make sure there are no hidden fees or surcharges, see what place gives the best access to all of the equipment and services for the money paid. Be wary of pushy staff, just trying to make a commission. Thoroughly check out the health club you bought it at. Some places have aging and even dangerous equipment, staff and members that can be rude or even potentially dangerous

Go for a complimentary workout there, yourself, whether or not you buy one for yourself. Check the state of the equipment, what kind of members go there, and how the staff and management are. Sometimes, the staff and management can be extremely pushy, arrogant, very exclusive and downright rude behind your back. If you wouldn’t work out there, why would you want the recipient of your gift to work out there? Always shop around, looking carefully at all of their competition with a keen eye. Health clubs are everywhere in your area. Don’t just buy any old membership and dump it on your unsuspecting victim and strut around very proud afterwards. The person for whom you gave the gift to may look at you very bleary-eyed afterwards. If you are not certain about a gym membership, buy them something else. Don’t just dump it into their lap without careful investigation and vetting.

Think very carefully about that gym membership even if your gift recipient is athletic, even an ardent athlete may not want one. Not every athlete is interested in gyms; some abhor them or rarely use them. Remember that before you buy them. Gyms like a lot of other things can be an acquired taste. Some people are comfortable with just swimming, running or bicycling, outside of the health club circles. Make sure they will really use it, not using it for a handful of times and then letting it lapse permanently


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