No. 1 diet in Japan

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Have you heard the news? There’s a celebrated diet course in Japan that guarantees losing weight in no time! In my previous entry, the diet I have presented was just simple compared to this. This time, the only thing you should eat is banana! That sound hard right? Well, not for those who love bananas. If you have the motivation, I’m sure this is not hard to accomplish. How should you do it? I’d say, don’t be too harsh on yourself at first. Begin by eating bananas until you are not hungry anymore. This doesn’t mean that you have to get your tummy full alright? Going back, gradually minimize the amount of banana you take in. Maybe, until you just take a banana every meal. When you’ve reached that point, I’m sure that before you know it, those love handles have already been trimmed. Just like what I’ve said before, as you go on course with the diet, temptations will pour on you. This is true to any diet you take. As the Murphy’s Law states, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong in the worst possible time.” Along this line, just when you have decided to go on a diet, you will start to crave for the food that you don’t normally crave when out of a diet. In my experience, I can smell the aroma of sautéed food even about twenty meters away. But, if you are really determine, achieving your dream figure is no sweat! Just imagine how much weight can you lose on this diet if the previous course I presented can get four kilos off your weighing scale?


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