How to lose 4 kilos in a week?

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Appearance has become quite a biggie these days, probably because of television and advertising. Girls are becoming vainer each day. But of course, guys are not in exception. We pay closely on how we look. Our hair, face, clothes, etc. In our minds, we have this ideal picture of ourselves in a perfect outfit and look. But the problem is, when these outfits won’t even fit! Today, a lot of products and services are out in the market intended for losing weight. These ranges from pills, milk, tea, juice, exercise equipments, cosmetic surgery, and many more! However, if not too expensive, it either hurt much or simply too tiring to follow. Well here’s a tip. You just have to sacrifice one week and then, boom! Four kilos is off your body. It is even good for your body because it is a cleansing diet. You don’t have to starve yourself. Take in food anytime, but here’s the catch. You should only eat fresh fruits, no seasoning or cream added and only drink water or 100% fresh fruit juice. How’s that? In just a week! The hardest part is that, when you’ve decided to start on this diet, you begin to smell different aromas of the food that you shouldn’t take in. It’s up to you now to decide whether you have the strength to resist such temptations. Remember, just one week! Who knows? You might be thrilled with the results and after a week you would even want to extend the diet to lose more.


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