Valentine’s Special Part4: What’s the most alluring complexion?

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We come in different races, hence different colors. Some even put these different complexions as different flavors, of coffee maybe. Some are in chocolate, mocha, caramel, etc. or the combination of any. But what is the most alluring complexion? Well, nowadays, with the aid of technology, spas are already offering a variety of services concerning complexion, just like in the movie “Bride Wars”. But, is there really a ‘best’ among these different flavors? I’d say that it’s the decision the beholder has to make. It’s actually a common misconception that the term “fair-skinned” refer to having a light-colored skin; fair actually means pleasing. Let’s put it like this, if you don’t like your tan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like it too. He might as well love it! Hence, love what you have! Don’t loathe something that others admire. Who knows? Some girl out there must be jealous of that complexion you have and is dying to have the same! The rather more important thing than complexion is the health of your skin. Love your skin! No matter what its color is, the glow of a healthy skin will suffice. The true fair skin is healthy beautiful. Having healthy skin make it irresistible to touch, thus you can keep his interest on you by loving your skin and keeping them healthy. Don’t mind your complexion; I’m positive that there’s a man out there that prefers your flavor. Eat healthy! Take care of your skin!

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