Valentine’s Special Part3: What does your smile do to him?

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First step on realizing what I was talking about on my previous entries is to smile! Manipulate those lips into an irresistible smile! Give him a genuine smile that’s from your heart. That way, he’ll know that approaching you is okay. It could take all his jitters away! Once the move is done, this could lead to a promising new love.

But before that, there’s another important thing, teeth! “Should you show them or not?” that is an important decision to make. Your teeth can either enhance or ruin your smile. Hence, practice smiling! Discover the answer to that question and decide. You got to assess whether your teeth are pretty or not. If you have appealing teeth, I’d say you flaunt it! Pleasing teeth is a total turn-on. Go to the mirror and find out the perfect smile that could compliment those whites! If your teeth are not so attractive though, don’t get discouraged! Go to the mirror and dig up your own perfect smile!

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