How to Change an Ignition Coil

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The frist thing that you will need to do is locate the old ignition coil. It is fairly simply. It is on the passenger side front of the engine and has the spark plug wires coming out of it. Make sure that when you get the new coil from the auto parts store that it matches the part that you have on your car. My model Buick came with two diffirent types of coil, one was a solid peice and the other was three small coils that were put together. Of course I needed the three coil piece.

The way that I found the easiest was to remove the three nuts on the bottom of the ignition module. Next you remove the small bolt that holds the plug in the bottom of the Ignition module. This will allow you to raise the whole piece up which will come in handy when you have to disconnect the coil wires. Then remove the six star head screw that held the coil to the module.

Left the ignition module and coil off of the bracket and gently separate them. They are connect by wires so be carefully not to pull them to far apart. This is very important, take note of which wires go to which posts on the bottom of the coil. If you hook them up in the wrong order you will not have the spark plugs firing at the right times.

Before you begin unhooking wires you need to place the coil gasket to the bottom of the new coil. There will be a new gasket in the box with the coil. One side of the gasket is sticky, so all you have to do is line up the wholes and stick it to the new coil. Carefully unhook one side of the coil wires. Next reattach them to the new coil in the same order you unhooked them. After you have the first side reattached do the other side the same way.

Now that the new coil is attached to the ignition module place the module back on to the bracket and set the new coil on top of it. Now it is time to move the spark plug wires to the new coil. Remove the wires one at a time and place them on the same post of the new coil. This will once again help to make sure that the keep every thing in the same order.

Next replace the six star head screw that connect the coil to the module. Replace the three nuts on the bottom of the module. Replace the plug and tighten the bolt that holds it in place.

That is it. Now all you have to do is stand back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


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