Valentine’s Special Part2: What kind of lips attracts men?

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Lips come in different sizes and shapes. Some are full, some are thin, others are pouty, etc. How about you? What kind of lips do you have? Well, no matter what kind of lips you have, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you flaunt these lips. Just like our eyes, our lips reflect emotions too! If you’re feeling the grudges I mentioned on my previous essay, mind you, your lips show them. Do you think if your lips are stiff and rigid because of these feelings attract men? No! They’ll definitely know you’re not on the mood. Hence, even if they liked you and planned to make a move on you, when they see those stiff lips, then it’s off. You yourself have experienced that right? The logic is simple. Just like when your friend is so mad with those taut lips, you always get second thoughts in approaching him or her. But if you see lips that re soft and relaxed, you get a hint that that person is approachable. It’s such a pity though, that women spend much in making their lips done. Some go for surgery to redo their lips, some let their lips be tattooed red and others simply buy different colors of lipstick. If they only knew that these things won’t hide the bitterness inside them. Now, assess yourself. Do your lips invite men to talk to you in softness, or are they threatening in stiffness? Get it out girl! Be happy! Who knows? You might get a date today!

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