Valentine’s Special Part1: How to catch his eyes through your eyes?

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Are you still single? Are you feeling the pressure today? Do you like someone? Then start off by getting his attention! While some men are first attracted to women’s physique, making their moves solely depends on the attitude we reflect on them. As the saying goes, our eyes are the windows to our soul. Even if you don’t say anything, emotions are reflected through your eyes. The look we give them says it all. When a man is attracted to you definitely feel the attraction. Just like when someone is staring at you, even if that person is at the back, you feel it. Hence, how you respond is very important. When man is attracted to you as a whole, but you gave him a look telling him to “Piss off!” he won’t dare make a move. But then again, there are still some exceptions. Men know what they want. If you’re lucky, the guy might still pursue you. But, most importantly, give him at least the slightest hint that he stands a chance with you. Maybe you could give him a teasing “Piss off!” look; that should suffice. It could make him interested. However if you have a lot of hatred in your heart, even if you really like someone, these grudges will reflect on your eyes. And worse, if he sees these emotions in you, he might believe that spending time with will just be a burden on him. That’s quite a turn-off! So ladies, rip off these negative feelings inside you! Be happy! Who knows? You might get a date today!

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