5 Substitutes For Suicide

WALKING THROUGH A PARK OR OTHER NATURAL SURROUNDING. Walk through a park is a good substitute for suicide. Communing with nature and seeing the surrealistic beauty of creation all around you is an excellent substitute. By walking through a natural surrounding, one not only sees the beauty of nature, but feel the peaceful contentment of it all that can drown out the sinister negativity of suicidal thoughts. Watching the tiny animals scurry about on the wilderness floor, amidst the majestic trees and other stunningly beautiful and majestic serene flora and fauna, can calm a hyperactive, suicidal mind.

BEING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Suicidal people can fixate on so many negative thoughts, it’s like an endless, sad and meandering loop of tears, grief and terribly dark distress that play in the mind over and over again. Talking to good friends and family can help remove the negative fixation, if even for awhile. The distressed person can get a better picture of what their family and friends really mean and how important they are to them. Good conversations, memories and laughter is a good morale-booster. Also, think of the healthy endorphins being released.

EXCERSISE. It’s one of the greatest morale boosters around. Walking, running, bicycling, working out with friends at the local health spa is an excellent morale-booster. The suicidal person gets the endorphins release, seeing nature, and the strong possibility of being with friends in their assorted exercise routines. Feeling good about one’s self and being healthy is an excellent primer for life and health-two things that the suicidal thoughts and tendencies are gunning for…Exercise becomes one of the best substitutes for suicide, as your mind automatically is programmed for excellent health, re-routing the suicidal thoughts to more dark and recessive areas of the human psyche, where they belong in the first place.

COMEDY. Laugh a lot. Pull out a George Carlin, or other comedian DVD and laugh your guts out. Anything that can take your mind off suicidal tendencies is an excellent substitute for suicide. Humor makes us all feel good and opens up our consciousness more to the good and possibilities of life and living. Through the expansion of your consciousness, be it humor, good and thoughtful conversation and other positive creative thoughts comes a more thoughtful and positive outlook on life. A sad and negative thought loop can be replaced by a powerful life and living loop.

WORK. Immersing yourself in the complex intricacies of one’s daily work routine can be an excellent substitute for sitting in a dark and solitary room, contemplating suicide. Being in a more normal routine is an excellent substitute for suicide. It’s when the causes of the suicidal thoughts (and the thoughts, themselves) push people away from life, living and normalcy that they become the substitute for living.

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