Pacman Calls on Mayweather And Don King: Let’s Get It On

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The Pacman said he is pleased with the possibility that Mayweather might suddently change his mind and fight him.

“I hope Mayweather is serious enough in doing business with Don King and is not doing this only to save face. I hope Don King does the same in return, that he can make miracles happen. I say this to both these men: Let’s Get It On. Fight like warriors and brave men. I am the champion, I have the belts and I should not be the one challenging you. I should not even be the one trying to make this fight happen. But Pacquiao vs Mayweather is what everyone wants, that’s why I am calling out your names. My promoter Bob Arum will be waiting for your call and will be very glad to hear what you have to say. The sooner, the better…”

The Pacman continued that a lot of things can happen in the next three months, and if Mayweather is not a coward, he would have to prove it on top of the ring.  He said that he has already given Mayweather a chance and has considered some of the latter’s requests just so their match would materialize.  He added that as of now, Antonio Margarito of Mexico is Mayweather’s notable replacement for the November 13 match. However, there wouldn’t be better news for the Pacman than the  Mayweather camp changing their minds.  For sure, all of the boxing fans or even the sports fans would have their eyes on this fight, he said.

The boxing superstar said he is sure that everybody would talk about this fight in the next three months.  He is confident that the promoters can work things out  within this period of time.

”This is the only way for Mayweather to save face. Make the fight happen in November and stop using Mr. Don King for publicity stunts. He claims he is the best. He says he is No. 1. There is only one way to prove his greatness and that is to face me. I should be ready by November.”

He said that if this is not possible, he is still ready to face anyone that his promoter would take for him.  As of now, he still has no final news on the negotiations about his fight with Margarito and he is still waiting for bids from other sites.

He said that for now, Abu Dhabi, Dallas in Texas, Monterrey in Mexico and Las Vegas in Nevada are the possible venues for his fight with Margarito.  The world champion ended by saying, if Mayweather won’t act now, he is bound to lose more.



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