Visit Delhi, A City Of Culture And History

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Delhi is a metropolitan area of India. Once you go to there, you would definitely return with a lot of new knowledge. Delhi is renowned for its glamorous history. It is true to say that Delhi is a city of ancient monuments. If you want to learn Indian culture then simple step in to Delhi and you would learn a lot there.

All throughout the year, Delhi people celebrate fabulous events with full zeal. These celebrations include Independence Day of India—of course an important event for Indians. This is celebrated on 15 August all over India including Delhi. People of Delhi celebrate this glorious event by flying kites. They consider it a symbol of freedom. The next month brings with it another event named ‘Qutub’. Music and dance artists from all over India gather in Delhi to celebrate this event. They gather to make this event full of joy. Indians even celebrate happiness of the seasonal fruits. Aren’t they lively people? Their spirit is reflected in the celebration of a mango festival, which is greatly enjoyed by tourists too. Each celebration has its own significance and charm. So whenever you make a plan to visit Delhi keep these events in mind. Plan your journey accordingly to enjoy these events.

If you return from Delhi without tasting its famous chaat or Dahi-papri, then you have really missed something! Your trip is incomplete if you do not enjoy the popular Indian food. These local items are new for tourists and they enjoy eating them. If you want to enjoy them, you can enter any restaurant in Delhi or find street vendors selling them. Delhi has a large, mixed population so you can find food from all over India in Delhi.

Delhi markets are full of shops of different items. You would find all necessities of life available in market starting from food to jewelry, to colorful clothes and so on. One of their distinct arts, which would fascinate you, is gold thread embroidery and enamelware art. Do not miss to buy jewels and saris from chaandni chock. It is an almost 300-year old shopping chock full of colored shops.

Delhi city is full of old fascinating monuments that attract tourists. These monuments reflect the history as well as culture of Delhi. Moreover, almost 175 national heritage sites and two world heritage sites are worth visiting. Small, narrow lanes and crowded markets show that city has some Mughal history.

Jama Masid, famous as the greatest mosque of India, is a striking Mosque built during the Shah Jahan reign. It is also famous due to the large number of about 25000 worshippers. The other attractions of Delhi include Red fort, Qila fortress, and the India Gate. Shah Jahan was an emperor who became famous for building other significant structures such as the Taj Mahal and Red Fort.

It is not difficult to get to Delhi. Direct flights from London to Delhi have made the journey comfortable. One needs only to book a flight. Booking a flight guarantees the best available packages. Spring or autumn months are full of tourist so do not be lazy in bookings.

If you are a history lover, then do not miss a chance to spend your coming vacations in Delhi. There are many places where you can go for outings, but this trip would give you enjoyment as well as increase your knowledge. You would know what culture really means by visiting Delhi.


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