Best Way to Make Money With a Blog

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Setting up a blog

Blogging and clickbank can go hand on hand. First create a blog of a particular niche for ex weightloss or meditation. Get your blog a good theme , you can get free blog themes in many sites for free. After you applied a theme , write around 10 to 15 post about that niche , if you fail to write content then you can hire one in service marketplaces like fiverr , tenyt etc , you can also go to free article directories for getting free content or else you can buy some plr articles relevant to your blog. In this way you can get enough content for your blog. You can also add images to your posts , some videos may make your blog stand out form competition. You can get free images at and you can also make free movies at . The main thing is you must fill your blog with good and genuine content.

Getting Affiliate Product

Clickbank is the world’s largest digital marketplace so you can get hundred and thousands of product to promote. Just sign up in their affiliate program and find a product relevant to your blog . After you have decided on the product you want to promote click on the “promote” button to get the html code. After getting the code you must not paste the code “as is” in your blog. I would recommend you to use free link shortening services like tinyurl or budurl. In these sites you can cloak and shorten you link . After you cloaked your url place it in your blog posts and then test the link to know whether it works or not.

In these way you can successfully create a blog dedicated to your affiliate income.Try to drive traffic to your blog as without traffic your blog would not be a much success. Try to promote your blog in forums, social networking sites , youtube and many others. Fill your blog with keyword rich words so that search engines can quickly find you.The bottom line is more traffic equals to more profit.
So workhard and goodluck !


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