How to Earn Residual Income From Your Articles Part II

Good content is always liked by one and all and in high demand at all times and there are a lot of     people willing to shell out big bucks for acquiring such good content!

 You can also mix together all your articles and create a high quality, content rich e-book.   The content rich e-book of all your articles being created as above can be put up for sale. You can also give out the resell rights of the e-book you have just created and make money.

  By including sufficient number of good affiliate links that converts well in your e-book and giving it away for free you can make money from the sales that result through those affiliate links in your e-book.

In case you have your own product or service, you can also write articles to promote your own business and blow up your name out all over the internet.

  Create a huge tidal wave of quality trafficand thus generate an overwhelming amount of paying customers through your articles.

 Write and create articles in such a way that people are always motivated to read your articles and are also forced to buy the product or service you are recommending and promoting!

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