How to Earn Residual Income From Your Articles Part I

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   Generate a large number of targeted articles loaded with rich key words that are relevant to the subject matter of the article  so as to make a straight and  direct impact on the visitors that can also bring in a nice residual income month after month every month for which you can be excessively proud of yourself.

   Always write good quality articles to the greatest possible extent and turn them into long term residual income. For this purpose    make the best use of your articles to promote and gain financially from various affiliate and associate programs for products and services that are available in a very large number and make money more or less right away!

 And you may be aware that to promote and make money from affiliate or associate programs for products and services through your well written articles, you do not even require your own product.

    Choose products and services you like to promote, write a good quality article rich with keywords about those products and services so as to start getting sales.    With a good number of high quality articles you can also bringin a fortune by selling the private label rights of those articles you have written.


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