10 Simple Tips For a Effective Eye Care.

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It  is necessary to give rest to our eyes and the adjoining tissues since many problems of the eye are the result of straining the eyes. Our eyes carry out one of the most important functions of the body and so it is very essential to pay attention to them.

The following few info may be of help to you if you really care for your eyes.

1.Headaches are caused by eye strain and they can get worse by continuous use.

2.Good lighting helps reading easier and prevents eye tiredness.

3.Computers do not harm the eyes but sitting long hours before it can strain the eyes.

4.Keep some distance between the eye and the object while reading and writing.

5. Eye muscles lose their elasticity due to strain resulting in weak eye sight.

6. The simple exercise of warming up your palms and placing it over your closed eyes as often as needed also relaxes the eye.

7.Blinking regularly helps prevent eye fatigue.

8.Blinking relaxes the eyes and releases eye stress.

9.With eyes closed stretching the eye muscles to contract and swiftly releasing the tension also relaxes the eyes well.

10.Cold water is a good way to refresh and rest the eyes and its muscles.


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