I am Dying

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In Christianity, dying believers are taught that death is not the end, and that we will spend an eternity in Heaven, or even Hell, but there is no specific mention of where or what that place might be like.

In fact, the bible says that the dead are conscious of nothing at all, (Ecclesiastes 9:5), and that the righteous themselves will possess the Earth, and they will reside foreverupon it, in a paradise on earth.

There is never any mention in the bible (at least in the old testament), of a specific place in the afterlife called Hell, nor is there any real description of what heaven would be like.

In Buddhism, dying followers are taught that one lifetransitions smoothly into the next. Endless reincarnation, and this is the closest to my own personal beliefs. Take for example, the way the food chain works, oneanimal eats another, and then becomes one with their food.

This does not mean that the animal feels the way the other one did before dying, just that they are two parts of a whole, coming together. The universe goes in endless circles, from big bang, to big crunch, to big bang, and the energy, (or mass) that makes it up had no beginning,and no end.

At some point after dying, perhaps even (in perception of reality terms), straight away, you will be born again, as yourself, in another universe like this one. Why is this so?

According to my understanding of the universe, anything that could possibly happen, in all likelihood has happened an infiniteamount of times before, and will continue to happen an infinite amount of times, due to the nature of the universe

In an infinite universe, that turns in circles, it is impossible for anything to happen, which will not happen eternally. Nothing can come out of nothing, because there is no reaction possible without space/time, and anything which happens will always happen again eventually, even death and dying.

So, for me the choices I face after dying, in the afterlife, are either I am a single individual person, who will die, and never live again, or I am just one of many versions of myself that have been living and dying, in identical universes, and will always return.

The other big one, is that everything is one, individuality is an illusion, and I will live every life that ever lived and died, as well as my own, for all eternity. Some scientists say that the universe began at the big bang, but don’t believe them, the big freeze theory never explains the reason why the big bang happened.

As for God? That is a question I cant answer, but I assume if there is a higher intelligence, it exists in the same space/time we do, or God is everything and has existed for eternity, absorbing intelligence as it goes, one reincarnation of the universe after another.

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