Symptoms of Aids/hiv

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Many of us know Aids as a disease caused by a virus HIV which is incurable. Most of us also knew that you can get infected when you make sex with person positive on HIV.  But few of us know the symptoms of this deadly virus.  I do hope this would help you, (but still the best way to know if you are infected with HIV is to consult a specialist.)

  1. HIGH FEVER .  Well fever is very common, but generally person infected with HIV will have a fever almost 5 times a week. Don’t conflict the idea of dengue (In which fever is almost daily) Body temperature will rise up to 41 degree Celsius. You’ll be experiencing fever around one day after being infected.
  2. SEVERE HEADACHE. Mind grains are very common if you got infected. Almost everyday. Generally this is the cause of your FEVER as I’d mention above.
  3. GLANDS SWELLING. This mostly happened on Male patients. Lymph glands will start swelling. basically on the armpit and neck. Infected usually did not feel this swelling.
  4. DAILY EXHAUSTION. Infected patient will experience a sudden drop of his energy especially during the afternoon.  Patient generally thought this is because of the daily work or job,  but what they don’t know is that they are more exhausted if they are infected.
  5. RASHES. The symptoms above basically don’t appear immediately for those person who got infected in a very good health condition,  but not rashes. Rashes will immediately appear, it will start from itchiness then later a pimple like rashes will appear generally in all your body parts most likely in body parts that usually sweat.

Once again to make sure what really is happening to you, better yet consult a doctor.  Aids is no joke. It already kills 50 million people and still counting. The Bad news is, it still INSURABLE!!!


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