Recipe For Roast Turkey

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Free recipe for roast turkey. You will need: 2 large onions, one large turkey, 4 cups of stuffing, 3 carrots, 7 potatoes, a quarter of a pumpkin, and pepper and salt.

Heat oven to 170C-180C. Put the onions, potato, pumkin and carrots in bottom of roasting pan, after shaking in a plastic bag filled with one to two tablespoons of oil. Add the turkey stuffing to the front and back cavities of the turkey, making sure not to pack too tightly.

Sprinkle the whole roast with salt and pepper, and put the turkey in the oven. cook the whole roast for two hours, then turn up the heat to about 220C, and cook for another thirty minutes, or until the skin of your roast turkey is a little bit brown. You should baste your roast turkey, and even the vegetables with the juices every half hour or so.

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