Weird, Strange And Creepy Phenomenons

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Although there are many explanations about this phenomenon – that strange phenomenon, but they still could not clear answer why it happened. One surprise was the “rain of blood in the area of Kerala, India in September 2001.”

Oddly upon validation, the red rain particles that contain the same with those of blood. Odd, odd, unusual. How to explain this so unreasonable? What happened to the world? Why are there red berawarna rain, what makes it so? Another case is the true story of a region in Alaska that few residents. Where reported frequent cases of loss of population without a trace. Issues that develops is a resident alien abducted.
So, more info on this strange phenomena, follow the little explanation below.


1. Blood Rain Phenomenon of Kerala, India

Between July 25 and September 23, 2001, reported that rain has fallen strangely with unusual water color that is red. Strange and terrible incident occurred in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The man was shocked and scared because it was raining like the blood that flowed freely from the sky. Blood rain occurs sporadic throughout the region and scientists rushed to the scene to analyze its composition.

After the rain water was investigated, the discovery mengerjutkan in can. That, microscopic particles present in the water, just in contained in human blood cells. That’s why rain water change color to resemble the color of blood.

But that explanation is still a big question mark, let alone at the same time show a variety of analysis about the strange incident. More confused when it comes up again associated with the meteorite theory and kalelawar. This theory states that the meteorite, which has hit the atmosphere shortly before the rainy season began, has collided with a flock of bats and their blood spraying into the atmosphere.

Perhaps the most ambitious theory is that the scientist Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar of the University Muhatma Gandhi, Karela. They speculated that the contaminating cells originating from outside the earth and that they had been brought to Earth by meteorites, confirming the theory of panspermia. Louis and Kumar says that the cells have the “unusual nature”.


2. Human Combustion

This phenomenon is very rare and does not make sense, scientific theory can not solve the mystery of why people are suddenly able to fire without being burned. What causes it, is not known until now. Strangely the burning only the top part of the foot is not just temporary. That is why in many cases this bizarre, the victim who died was found still wearing sandals.


3. Strange light phenomena

Crackling file cabinets, a gas pipeline exploded and five-star performance from Charlton Heston and Lorne Green was not the only signs that your house has been hit by earthquakes. Witness testimony from people who survived the earthquake have often heard reports of strange flashes of light that shot upward by the roll in the area around the epicenter of the earthquake. This phenomenon last occurred in the region of ancient China as well as in Lincolnshire, England, where people claimed to see strange lights and flying balls of light that a light ball.

Scientists have theorized that light is the result of geo-luminescence, a phenomenon where rocks actually produce light when faced with extreme pressure, and that ease is the result of friction geology.


4. Ball Lightning Ball Lightning

Strange electrical phenomena circular This usually occurs during the storm and lasts up to thirty seconds. Strange and terrible. Sometimes grabbing, hiss hiss propagating in the walls of buildings, horrible noises. In the past, people often connect this phenomenon with the presence of aliens or ghosts. Banya people have made statements about the existence of this ball-shaped lightning phenomena, including Benjamin Franklin, but so far no adequate explanation of the phenomenon.

But with advances in technology, there is also a video photo technology, making scientists seriously concerned about this phenomenon of lightning round. They are trying to find an explanation of this phenomenon.


5. Saint Elmo’s Fire

Saint Elmo’s Fire is described by scientists as a plasma phenomenon. St. Elmo’s fire was caused by ionization in the atmosphere. The name of Saint Elmo’s lightning-ie-the patron saint of sailors because at first the phenomenon appeared in the superstructure, especially during storms. The colors, blue, green.


6. Vacuum Phenomenon Creatures Animal Blood

This story appeared because of the hundreds of cattle were found dead in a mutilated state (mutilation) in the South American region. Then came the allegations that are still rumors that the cause is alien creature called the Chupacabras. In the last decade, this case appearance again, including in Brazil where hundreds of cattle found mutilated. What is unique and scary, at which have mutilated cattle were discovered only a little blood. It seems most of these cattle blood has been sucked by strange creatures. A bit like Dracula. Another sign, is the jaw, tongue and anus are missing. Sign is the same with cattle mutilation case in America.

The myth of blood-sucking creatures first appeared in Puerto Rico in the 1970s. When it was reported many dead goats and sheep with the blood sucked out. Indeed in the early emergence of this case, the target creature is a goat and sheep. But in the next two decades, new cases appeared in Mexico, where the attack is not just goat and sheep, but also to other livestock.

There are several theories explaining the emergence of this horrible creature in South America. The most logical explanation is that they are native species and that Amazon deforestation has forced them to leave the rain forest for the first time in search of food. But there is also another story that develops the story and also believed some people, ie creatures came from outside the Earth due to the fact that most often attacks the goat appeared to coincide with diberitakannya UFO sightings.

Various kinds of explanations about the blood-sucking creatures that are still a source of debate. Many said that it might be predators who also mutilated cattle mutilations or there is also a suspect was a government secret experimental results. Until now this problem of predatory creatures still be a sign of Tanya and mystery.


7. By Alien Abductions

UFO sightings so varied, with descriptions of the most opposed to human logic. Amazing story, the kidnapping of foreign individuals. Here seems to indicate that more active imaginative work here. The stories that the kidnapping of the man-woman for the proliferation of alien creatures, or so many people who claim to have been abducted by aliens and alien fetus dijanin has been embedded.

Well-established theory that can explain it is the presence of strong electromagnetic fields, may occur naturally, can cause a person to feel attacked simultaneously at a nearby existing electrical equipment that was damaged by a magnetic field so that the electrical equipment (such as a car radio) is not functioning. The man then saw a flash of light before fainting. Built from experiences like that, the word “aliens”, would be the first on your lips.

Now, let us look at the story of alien abduction (documentary) below.

Video: The Fourth Kind

This video is based on a true story about an alien abduction that occurred in Nome, Alaska, where the population is very small. When it was reported, its inhabitants one by one is lost every year. You must see this video!


8. The Taos Hum, hum Weird Mysteries

Residents in the town of Taos, New Mexico, have long been puzzled by the strange phenomenon that occurred in the region namely, the emergence of the buzzing sound that seemed to come from afar, like the diesel engine that burns. But the sound source not found it until now.

Strangely this does not sound all to hear, just never heard about half of the population. Those who never heard of ever visiting scientists to ask for an explanation of this phenomenon. Research carried out has failed. Even the detection of sound by using sophisticated audio equipment was not successful. Case in Taos is almost similar to that in Hawaii. About Hum in Hawaii, people speculated that indicate volcanic activity in the area.


9. Foo Fighters are Mysterious

Before the flying saucer craze phenomenon in the 1950s, another strange phenomenon that became the subject of great debate for the U.S. air force pilots in World War II is that there is a strange ball of light flying over German airspace and the Pacific Ocean at high speed, which causes frustration for both Allied and Axis pilots. Both are convinced that the “ball of fire” that is the type of enemy aircraft experiment (foo fighters).

United States Air Force became increasingly concerned at how easy foo fighters could outmaneuver their own aircraft. Although never involved in combat with the foo fighters, is viewed as a nuisance to the way they are ‘dancing’ around and fly in close formation with the U.S. plane.

Many pilots feel that foo figaahter tease them a certain way. Foo fighter’s name comes from the belief that Japan was responsible for this high-speed fun, although sightings continue after the conflict ended. Cylindrical and disc shaped craft Were Also reported in the Skies over Europe. Cylindrical discs have also been reported in the skies above Europe.


10. Travel Through Time

Ancient artifacts from 10,000 BC have been discovered which showed pictures of foreign men who wear such clothes space. It was a strange creature in the artifact was wearing transparent clothing with similar equipment helmet on his head. Is that a gun or similar tool.

Whoever the people are represented in these artifacts, is or will be, they seem to have been drawn by human beings since ancient times human beings who lived during that period. Appear also paintings cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphs. Even more astonishing presence of ancient artifacts from Egypt, which depicted a flying saucer, airplane and helicopter. This makes the archeologists puzzled. Is this prophecy, that someday we will be in contact with extraterrestrial aliens (non-human) or one day we will develop our skills so that they can travel through time?


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