Samsung Dualview Tl220

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Samsung proves that they know their electronics with their compact digital camera, Samsung TL220 DualView. The image capture device close relative of the above par, but a bit expensive, Samsung DualViewTL225. With a few exceptions, Samsung TL220 DualView has the same impressive feature set, as Samsung TL220 DualView. For more information, we invite you to look at our review of this product or if it’s not like the product you are looking for, visit our website at compact digital camera for more side by side comparison and objective reviews.
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The most noticeable difference between the TL220 and TL225 is the size of the main display on the rear panel. This 3.0-inch diagonal measure on TL220, compared with 3.5-inch to TL225. While this seems rather trivial difference, it means a smaller screen only 3 / 4 size greater than 1. More important than the size of the screen, though, is the resolution. The screen has a TL225 in the 1,152-megapixel resolution, and the TL220 is only 0.230-megapixel resolution. This makes for an image that is much less sharp and detailed. Nevertheless, it is completely touchscreen that includes all simple product to use options and menus. TL220 also has a plastic back cover, compared with a rigid aluminum is one of the TL225.

Other features available on the Samsung TL220 DualView compared with TL225 an HDMI for HD playback and improved audio quality. TL225 output is limited to its connector USB 2.0, which is not half bad, but is less desirable than option HDMI.

Image Quality:

This product features Samsung smart cars. In this mode, configure the components of an image, such as color, brightness and motion of obtaining high quality images. There are 16 different modes are available in accordance with a place for each of your shots. In addition, advanced dual image stabilization, can be found on the product Samsung to improve the quality of photos. This function prevents the photos that blurred and unclear from shaky hands or fast moving objects.

Small additional features added to this image capture device. Trash can back to the delete photos you do not want to delete. Guide frame makes it easy to get that shot you want. In addition, the album is available for easy viewing and organization of each of your photos.

Battery life / memory:

Short battery life is one of the main disadvantages of this compact digital camera. The image capture device can capture 180 shots on a miserable single charge. That is enough for a small vacation or birthday party, but it does not give photographer many opportunities to capture multiple images. Nevertheless, this product does not include Samsung 55MB of internal memory. This is several megabytes larger than those of competitors Samsung TL220 in DualView.


Samsung TL220 DualView offers the most beautiful features DualView TL225 at more economical price. Nevertheless, at sufficiently small difference value, we would opt for the benefits of TL225.


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