A Ring For All Eternity

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Traditionally couples exchange engagement rings upon betrothal, followed by wedding rings upon the day of marriage, which symbolize their love and commitment to each other. Eternity rings  can be given at the birth of a first child, or after several years of marriage, to re-enforce a couples original vows and commitment.

Eternity rings have cut stones which stretch all the way around the ring, to create a circle of eternity. Traditionally eternity rings will be made using round or square cut diamonds, held with channel setting or claws. Half eternity rings are similar, however the diamonds only stretch half way around the ring.

One important point to consider when buying a diamond eternity ring for your spouse or partner is how well the design of your ring goes with the engagement or wedding ring. If your partner has a gold wedding ring, then a gold eternity ring will be a perfect match, whereas a platinum ring might not. Also, consider the cut of the diamonds, as you may want to select a similar design to the original engagement or wedding rings.

A further element of the design is channel or claw set diamonds. Channel setting is where the diamonds are set into the ring band and held firmly in place for a subtle, yet stunning finish. Claw set diamonds protrude slightly, making the cut of the diamond visible, giving a beautiful, classic finish.

Eternity rings are very similar in style to engagement rings; therefore you can opt for an engagement ring that can also be worn after marriage as an eternity ring. An eternity ring can also be a wonderful way to declare your love and commitment without marriage. At Marlows we specialize in diamond cut jewelry, including a stunning selection of platinum, gold and white gold eternity rings for that special person in your life.


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