How To Clean Up Dog And Cat Urine!

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One of the worse smells in a house is animal urine. Animals are known to urinate around the house for a variety of reasons and it is very hard to get them to stop. One of the only solutions to the problems is removing the stain and with it the older. But how would someone go about removing cat or dog urine. These tips will tell you exactly what you can do to remove those nasty odors from your house.

When dealing with animals remember their urine contains three different components. The first two, urea and urochrome, are easily removable. However the third one, uric acid crystals and salts, are not and it is important to remove the uric acid crystals from your house or the smell will return.

One way you can do this is with Urine Off. Urine off is enzyme based and is keyed to attack the uric acid crystal eliminating the smell from your house. You can purchase most Urine Off from any pet supply store. Some other products that are recommended by veterinarians are Feliway and Atmosklear but Urine Off is by far the better of the three to permanently eliminate the odors.

You can also make your own solution. This solution requires 1 cup water and 3 cups vinegar. You will want to place the solution on the stain and than place a heavy object over it to allow the carpet (or furniture) to retain the solution. Once done you will need to leave it alone until the solution dries – do not blot. Once the solution has dried follow the first steps again but this time use 3 cups water and 1 cup vinegar. Once it is dry add 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent to 1 cup water and clean the area really well. This time you will want to blot the area dry.

If it is your dog that is having an accident than you will want to use paper towels to absorb the urine. Once you have most of it up take a water bottle and dump it on the floor. Than you will want to continue using paper towels until the towel comes back clean and without yellow. After that scrub the area with carpet cleaner. Make sure you follow the directions for the carpet cleaner thoroughly.

If you dog happens to mess on a wooden area the simplest way to clean it up is with paper towels. After you wipe up the mess use some Murphy’s Oil Soap and water to clean the area. After you are done dry the area with paper towels and than use a enzyme inhibitor designed for wooden floors. After you are done wipe the area with a dry rag.

Remember whether it is cat urine or dog urine the number one tip is to deal with the mess right away. The longer a mess is allowed to sit the harder it will become to clean it up. Also keep in mind that both cats and dogs have a stronger smell than humans and will continue to go in the same spot until the mess is cleared up.


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