Use One Side Paper For All Your Rough Work

I was studying in my college for my commerce and was very used to writing letters to friends and classmates across the country. As I write long letters and interesting ones I inevitably need more paper. In those days I did not have access to a personal computer and the only means of communicating with friends and classmates of the previous years was through writing a letter with a pen on paper. One day when we were disposing off old newspaper it struck me that we can put the newspaper to better use. I then started making curios with it.

Similarly I thought our college notes were all written on one side of the page and was being disposed off. I said to myself that it could be put to better use. I started writing my letters to all my friends and relatives on these one side paper with a note right in the outset telling them why I am doing this. Each paper is made from trees and the more paper we save by utilizing them in this manner we could stop felling down of trees. With a lot of apprehension about what the others would perceive I wrote my first letter to each of them. I was amazed to see that I received letters from them in response on one sided paper. The trend that I set within my circles has blossomed into something that all my friends and relatives and their friends and relatives and their friends and relatives have started subscribing to.

Of course with the advent of computers the use of paper has drastically dipped. Still one sided paper could be used wherever there is need.

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