How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays!

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Winter can be a dreadful time for everyone. Not only is it freezing cold outside but you also have to deal with the off chance of getting sick. There is nothing worse than a horrible cough or a burning fever but there are things you can do to help prevent yourself from getting sick this winter.

The first step you should take is hygiene. Germs are everywhere and unless you plan on staying in a bubble you will need to stay clean. Washing your hands is just as important as using hand sanitizers. When washing your hands remember to use luke warm water and to keep your hands under the water for 10-15 to ensure they are properly clean. Please remember to use SOAP.

If your a parent than we all know how kids can be about washing their hands. Hand sanitizers are a great alternative to washing hands and prevent those nasty viruse from floating around like the swine flu. Avoid public areas, like bathrooms, as much as possible and bring your own supplies, like ink pens or magazines. Send your child to school with their own water bottle to help prevent them from drinking from a water fountain.

The swine flu is a very dangerous thing so try not to touch to much. Avoid water fountains, wearing other peoples hats or gloves, and sharing the same items likes straws or drinks. Another thing you want to try not to do is touching your face, especially your mouth and nose. This is hard to do if for most children so teach your children to sneeze in there elbows rather than their hands as well as remind them to use a clean tissue everytime to blow their nose and if you have to blow use some santizer afterwards to help keep the germs from spreading.

Going out of your way to avoid things or keeping clean is not the only thing you have to do to protect yourself this holiday season from getting sick. When dealing with the cold it is very important to remember to dress for it. Wear a coat, hat, gloves, boots when leaving the house and keep extra’s in your car, you never know when you will get stuck on the side of the road. This should go for everyone, especially children.

A parents favorite time of year is the school year because it brings home all those nasty bugs and unfortunately their is nothing you can do about it. So if your child is sick, or you begin to feel under the weather it
 is best to stay away from everyone. This is not an easy task to do if you have more than one child or you need to work but their are some things you can do to help prevent it from going around a little bit more like keeping your house disinfected.

Bleach is one of the best things you can use to disinfect your house. Disinfecting it is not just enough. You need to wipe down everything from the phone to the toilet. Never use the same rag to clean with and that goes the same for doing dishes. When you are done with your task, get a new rag or use a paper towel to do most of your cleaning. Dishes should be washed in hot water, as well as rinsed and air dried and if you do get sick, replace things like toothbrushes, and remember to wash bedded immediately so the child or yourself does not get reinfected.

Somethings you should do is keep medicine on hand. You never know when you may need a bottle of Motrin at three in the morning for a sick child. Humidifiers should be on hand, especially if you are a smoker and finally remember to get lots of sleep and plenty of fluids, like 7up or water.

One a final note I am a parent of a child and that child got sick once a month all last year with strep throat and ear infections and I can honestly say that following these tips does help. It will not prevent you from getting sick but the chances of it are a lot slimmer. Be well and have a safe holiday season!


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