I Earned $11.00 on Triond And Bukisa in One Day!

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I Earned $11.00 On Triond and BukisaIn One Day!

I just checked how much earnings I made on Triond and Bukisaand yesterday, and guess what? The total is $11 plus some change. I average about $7 to $8 every day from Triond and Bukisa.  So when I saw that it jumped to $11 yesterday, that is a good sign.

With Triond there are double earnings because through it, you earn money from GoogleAdsensetoo. The adsenseincome was over $5.00, from Bukisait was over $3.00, and the rest from Triond.  That made up the $11 income I made yesterday.

When you come to think of it, if you multiply this 10 times it is enough to earn a living isn’t it? But at this point I look at it as a hobby that’s earning money.  If you aim too high it’s easy to get disappointed.  It’s really better to set realistic goals that are achievable.  After all, most of us only have a limited time in the day to write.  Make sure your articles contain information that will help people.  For me this is the most important thing.

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