How Can Amir Khan Progress His Career as a World Champion?

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After his stunning first round loss at the hands of Colombian spitfire Breidis Presscot, Amir Khan bounced back with four straight victories against decent competition including Mexican hero and three-division world champion Marco Antonio Barerra.

During his last four fights, he won minor two minor belts the WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight title and the WBA international lightweight title but perhaps his most priced possession thus far is the WBA World Light-Welterweight championship that he snatched against Andreas Kotelnik.

On paper, Khan’s achievements were good if not great. By winning a world title, he put himself in the company of the British greats, Naseem Hamed and Ricky Hatton. However, looking at the quality of his opposition, it seems that Khan pad his record by fighting as quoted from Greg Haugen’s dictionary”Tijuana taxi drivers that my mother could have knocked out.”

Sure, Barrera is one of the greatest Mexican champion who ever lived but Barrera during the time of the fight was 34 years old and that’s an old 34 years old. Not the type of young 34 years old like the old but young at ring types like Vic Darchinyan and Shane Mosley. He’s old to the bad sense of the word.

Kotelnik, although a respected champion, lacks power and has a knockout record of less than 40 percent.

This coming May 15 however, Khan will finally be tested against American Paulie Malignaggi. 

Malignaggi, just like Kotelnik, lacks power but he is a savvy ring tactician. Khan has never fought someone who has the reflexes and speed of Malignaggi. Perhaps, Malignaggi’s reflex is second only to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Malignaggi will dance around the ring, constantly moving inside and outside, picking shots after shots. The only way for Khan to win against Malignaggi is to overpower him.

Khan must impose his power and maximized his advantage at close range fighting. Malignaggi will try to avoid toe-to-toe confrontations because as I’ve said earlier he can’t match up with Khan’s punching power.

My prediction is Khan might just pull this off with a unanimous decision. Malignaggi is just too slippery for Khan.

If Khan wins his one, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for him. Khan is salivating for an all-Britain showdown against Hatton in the famed Wembley arena. It may not be probable but if such fight pushes through, it would be Khan’s breaking out party and if he do perform well perhaps a move upward the weighing scales is a possibility.

Given his height he can move up to the 154lbs division. He can fought for a welterweight belt against say an Andre Berto or an old-washed up Mosley.

Mosley doesn’t have much left in his tank while Berto, although very risky, can give Khan a notable win.

Manny Pacquaio is a long shot but it is possible.


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