How do You Change a Blown Fuse?

If all the lights in your house went out suddenly, but your power points are still working, you probably have a blown fuse. To change a blown fuse, you need to first locate the fuse box in your house, but before you take out the fuse, you should turn off your computer, and anything else that might be affected by the power being turned off.

Turn off the main power to the whole house at the fuse box, and check each fuse, to see which fuse has blown. The fuse should be broken, and in two parts. Figure out if it is an 8 amp fuse, or a 15 amp fuse. The former is usually for lights, and the latter for power points.

Once you know what fuse wire to use, undo the fuse wire, by unscrewing the screws holding it in place. Take the new fuse wire, and wrap it around both screws, after first threading it through the middle bit. Tighten the screws up, and then cut the wire off with a pair of scissors, or wire cutters.

You then put the fuse back in the fuse box, and turn the main power back on. If the fuse blows straight away, you may have a problem with your electrical system, where power is flowing somewhere it shouldn’t be. It happened to me once, and I switched all of the lights on and off again, and then there was no problem, but you may need an electrician.

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