How to Maintain Your Ideal Weight

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Having a craving? Can’t seem to stop eating? It takes discipline. We all want the perfect figure; some of us have to work very hard to stay in shape while others seem to have it so easy! We all love food; it’s only a pity that some of the most delicious foods are so rich in calories. Even though some foods are so very tasty, we simply cannot give in to the urge to the have them all the time. When you really stop and think about it, you will find that being hungry and having a craving are two entirely different things. When you are hungry, it is usually as a result of having skipped a meal, not having something filling to eat earlier or it’s simply time for your next meal of the day. Having a craving for something doesn’t necessarily mean that you are hungry. It simply means that you feel like eating a bowl of vanilla ice-cream or a bar of chocolate.

The first thing to do is to discipline yourself. Maintaining your ideal weight and shape is largely dependent on how disciplined you are in your eating habits.

Discipline yourself to stick to three balanced meals per day.  No snacking in between. If you feel the urge to eat, have a fruit.

Discipline yourself to cut down on sweets and sugars. Try drinking unsweetened tea and natural juices instead.

Discipline yourself to cut out grease and fatty foods. Do mostly baking and grilling and less frying. Consuming a lot of grease will contribute to hard to move body fat around the belly, hips and thighs.

Discipline yourself to set aside a day each week to purge or cleanse your system. This is called a fast. On this day do not eat anything, however, you may drink water.

Discipline yourself not go beyond the recommended calorie intake per day.

Don’t give in to your cravings. Many times you feel the urge for a late night snack while watching television or sitting around the computer. Have a glass of water instead, your craving will pass.

Another way to counteract late night cravings is to brush your teeth. When you do this it suppresses the urge to eat anything else as you will not feel the urge to get your teeth dirty when its bedtime.

Maintaining your ideal weight and staying in shape is not impossible if you discipline yourself to practice healthy eating habits and daily exercise.


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