Tamil Software Applications – A List Of Applications In Tamil

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 Azhagi is a free Tamil transliteration software. It helps you to type in Tamil in all common applications including MS Word,Excel, Outlook. Apart from Tamil it supports the following languages: Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, etc. It helps you to create files and folders with Tamil names, search Google in Tamil, send emails in Tamil, create a Tamil blog and more.

 You can learn more and download it here:



  This is an open source Tamil typing software project which is free to use. You can type in Tamil in various applications and you can also localize the other open source applications like Firefox, Tuxtpaint, Open office etc. They are in the process of creating Tamil Open Office and Tamil browser.

 You can download the transliteration software here:


 You can participate to the project if you have knowledge in C++ . You can download the code from here:


Sarma’s Solutions and products

 This offers various applications like English-Tamil Dictionary, Tamil spell check and grammar checker, Unicode converter and Tamil keyboard software.

 You can go here for more details:


Kural Tamil Software

        Kural Tamil software is a keyboard manager for Tamil. It is not free but the package is bundled with various other Tamil software applications as well. You will be able to download a 30 day trial version here:



 You can download various Tamil fonts, Tamil Unicode drivers and font converters. They are also available for other Indian languages.

 Here is the page which lists all the downloads available with Softview:


Kamban Software

 This has a collection of Tamil software applications which includes a Tamil word processor, a Tamil mail program and a Tamil keyboard software.

 You can download them here:


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