Recycling Ordinary Items To Save Money And The Environment

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Old socks

Don’t throw away old socks.  Wool sport socks and tube socks can be used as dusters and polishers.  They make great shoe shine cloths, in fact, even better than a regular rag because it is easier to buff the shoe with your hand inside it.  If you have a piano, the piano keys can be easier cleaned using cotton socks.  I, myself, always store one inside the piano bench for easy access.

Old towels

Old towels can be used as cleaning and dusting rags because of its high absorbent quality.  Cut in strips, these can be used as sweatbands.  Just tie them around your head when you work out.

Old toothbrushes

Old toothbrushes are perfect for polishing stainless steel parts of your stove.  These can also be used to clean and polish jewelry, belt buckles, and silver ornaments.  Keep one near your bath area handy, and you can use these to brush away the dirt from your toenails.  Near the garage, garden or workshop, these can be used to clean up grease, or soiled fingernails.  Use these to brush off stubborn dirt and hard-to-reach corners of your shoes.

Milk cartons

Recycle milk cartons by filling them with water to make ice.  These can effectively be used to keep your cooler cold when you have a picnic.  Another great way to use milk cartons is to use it to store fish.  Just put the fresh fish inside the cardboard milk carton, fill it water, then freeze it.  The fish will be locked in, frozen solid.  It will not get freezer burn because it remains unexposed to the air.

Plastic tubs

Most margarines come in plastic tubs.  These plastic tubs can be recycled as great freezer containers.  They can be used to store leftovers or containers for food that’s prepared ahead.  Plastic tubs can hold stews, chillies, sauces, and gravies.  They make good storage containers for berries and fruits that you may plan to use for jams, spreads, and sauces.

Glass jars

Glass jars vary in sizes and, because of this, they have varying uses, too.  In fact, large pickle jars, for example, can be better storage containers than some of the packaging supplied by the manufacturers.  Small jars can be used to store garlic cloves on one of your refrigerator shelves.  Use larger jars for storing coffee beans or ground coffee in your refrigerator.

It is easy to save dollars when we recycle.  Soon you’ll continue to discover numerous practical uses for many recyclable items.


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